The concept of Guns & Oil came to me a few years back while sitting around a patio with some friends, late night, drinking whiskey, talking life, politics and the great American dream. I was talking about the values around the great American dream, Boldness, Character, Opportunity, Grit and Innovation.

It was then that the light came on. I said that the phrase “Guns & Oil” represents the swagger of the great American dream and would be a great name to start a brewery around.

I was hooked. Two years later, I figured it out, I figured out how to make it happen.

I found a brewer, I found an agency that was able to see the brand in my head and put it on paper (man those guys are good), and I found a brewery willing to make the beer.

The reason I found a brewery was, in all honesty, I did not have the money and could not figure out a way to get the investment money or bank money to build a brewery that would last us 3 years. It was going to cost us $4 million to produce the facility I wanted. So, I said, screw it, lets start by contract brewing and see if we can build up to having our own facility.

Well its worked, sort of. We have a facility we plan on going into in downtown Austin, TX. Hoping it will open in fall 2016.


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I wanted a beer that represented the Great American Values. A beer that you could go drink after working your ass off, and drink a few of. Lagers are the Great American Beer. So we decided to make a throwback lager, the way they used to be made. Pre prohibition style.
Guns & Oil American Lager is not a light beer. We are a Full Bodied American Lager.


What are we most excited about?

Honestly promoting our values. Finding ways to help people. Beer is a lot of fun but to us, this is more than about beer. Its helping people remember the great american dream, and what it has evolved to now, for each of us. And to not let us lose the mojo. We are still the best of the best. We just need a reminder sometimes.

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