Paula Jaramillo’s Home-Based Bakery

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A mother of five, Paula is a baker.

She started her bakery business two years ago after moving to the US to escape the violence occurring in her home town in Mexico. A tragic attack resulted in her father being killed and 21-year-old daughter kidnapped. After moving to the United States, Paula discovered that her husband’s income was not enough to support their family. In Mexico, she did not bake for a living, but she did bake for her family and felt she was very good at it. Her mother taught her the recipes, and she enjoys baking which calms her and helps her deal with her sadness. One of her neighbors tried her bread and it was so good they suggested that she sell it! She never thought of her baking as a business.


Determined to change her life, Paula got her first microcredit loan in 2014 along with financial education through the five-day training with her lending group. She started with a $1,500 loan. The first thing she bought was a commercial mixer, materials for baking and baking sheet pans. Since then, she has taken out five microloans to continually expand her business. Paula makes empanadas, pan dulce and other baked items. With additional family income, she has converted a vehicle to transport the baked goods. She has a lot of competition in her area, but her breads are delicious and business is booming! Paula advertises her business online with help from her daughters. 


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